"The 2084" is an environmental photo-project created by model Ria Serebryakova. It is an allegory to George Orwell's prophetic book "1984". "The 2084" tells the story of our future if we do not solve the problem of plastic pollution. 

Plastic is everywhere, from inside of our bodies to the depths of the ocean. Plastic used in manufacturing replaced numerous materials from wood to metal, glass, and silk and has been an asset crucial to the development of the modern world, instrumental in building wealth and technological innovation, though at the cost of environmental damage. Even in a situation where we vanished from the face of this planet, plastic will remain as a record of our existence. The price is high, and the damage we are only beginning to witness will extend far into millennia. With each advancement made and each convenience exploited in a plastic world, we have imposed on ourselves a heavy curse. Nature self corrects, however not at the impetuous pace of man, and healing the damage caused by our reckless disposal of plastic into the environment would take place over the space of millennia. Plastic tells our story, both the good and the bad, written more permanently than any writing in stone, and it is our responsibility to respect the dual nature of the blessings and curses intertwined.


Author, Director and Model: Ria Serebryakova @riasalvation

Photographer: Alexey Glebko


Photography Assistant and Logistic: Maga Akh


Stylist: Daniel Akinshevych

Makeup: Tati Thunder


Set Designer: Vladimir Lifanov


Production: AGPNYC